Friday, 11 December 2009

Free Computer instruction for the Over 50's

Free computer instruction for beginners
Burton Joyce Online intend to provide FREE instruction for those interested in learning about the simplest side to USING computers ( this means that probably all those who read this message will not need our help) and e mail and the Internet. However the readers may know of someone who may need some help - Just put them in touch via E MAIL

We have still to finalise the details of this such as - how ,where and when,( we anticipate this will be in the New Year )however to begin with we need to know just who and how we can help

We should stress that this is for absolute beginners and we want to provide one-to-ONE intruction within easy access within BJ the village - keep watching this space for further information, but please do not hesitate in sending in your suggestions - simply email;
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Friday, 17 July 2009

Why do our Councillors keep on leaving

”Extracts from ex Councillors -

Julie O’Neill, Brian O’Neill and Marlene Dixon's resignation letters (full unabridged version Why do our Councillors keep leaving in this Hot Gossip link)

brought to you as the result of "The Freedom of Information Act" #


Thursday, 4 June 2009

BJPC Latest

Soon another Grove sign will appear prohibiting DOGS and HORSES.

(Posted in the "LOCAL ADMINISTRATION" section/"Burton Joyce Parish Council" category)
***Visit "HOT GOSSIP" to see the our observations on the recent BJPC June Meeting !! PLUS***the particular attitude adopted by others towards the B J Community website ethos
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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Burton Joyce Parish Council - Annual Meeting

BURTON JOYCE PARISH COUNCIL - ANNUAL MEETINGTuesday May 19th - 7.30pm - Carnarvon Rooms

This is the opportunity for all in the B J community to witness and participate in Local Democracy/Government at workEVERYONE of us should make a special effort to attend this significant meeting.. .. and we mean EVERYONEFOR ATTENDING IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS VOTING !!

Teenagers, Singles - Married - Parents ( single and partners) - Matures,Seniors - Shop Owners - Business Owners - Tradesmen etc, etc.Minority Groups - Stroke Club - BJ Runners - Calligraphy Group,Sugar Craft Guild - 1 to One - Senior Citizens Club - BJU3A,St Helens Baby & Toddler Group - BJ Duplicate Bridge GroupTrent Valley Art Group - BJ Players - Scouts - Guides -Teachers,Bowles Club - Cricket Teams - Football Team - BJ Archers,The W I - Mothers Union - BJ Preservation Society - etc etc .

Villagers who do attend ( and please, please let there be a good number )do not have to speak or express their own opinion, although theremay be many who want to ask significant questions .So come on down and engage with our Parish Council

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Saturday, 11 April 2009

BJO Stats

Stats and Facts

Weh Hey! Burton Joyce Online is creating the interest which we wanted when we first began developing this community project some 8 months ago.

BJO has now been online for just 4 weeks - and it is only the last 2 weeks when we began to approach our original vision .

Even so we have achieved some staggering statistics

1000 visits - (600 returning visits - 400 unique visits ) -
approx 40 visits per day 8200 + page views

Top pages -
Home page 2174 views: Gossip 411 views: Forum 371 + views: Whats on 326
Local services 286 : Weblinks 276 : Business Directory 272 : News Feeds 223
Guest Contributions 220 : Get E Mail 169 etc

Currently 644 registered users. ( allowing full participation within our site)

The “Polls” suggest that the “Major village concern” is Anti Social Behaviour

Local Interest Groups, organisers and Advertisers alike, take note - BJO is already well on the way to becoming the ideal local media for spreading your message

So visit and join the gang

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Hot Gossip

Bee Jay’s . “Hot Gossip “ in our Mother Site at

Future topics
Allotments Invaders continued, Vacant Halls, Facilities for elderly, Peacocks, vandalism ( broken gates at rain track), Flood defences, Fly posting, village centre stop/meet, Youth facilities, Visible Pollution, Scouts/cubs /brownies, The Grove, The Village Plan - others for original B J Blogs - jokes , A gentlman is, PO car parking danger, more village activities, Poplars Sports ground cost, Help your neighbour day, summer activities. More WI activities, UFO‘s, ASB, “ Church Steepless, Car phoning, In- ar smoking, Car seat belts, Eye-see bargain, BJ Donkeys, Consensus politics in local government,
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Friday, 20 March 2009

Inspiring people - Improving places


- Posted in the daily “Burton Joyce Blog” in the latter part of last year twere a couple of postings describing the adverse appearance of the Old School grounds located in the most significant spot within B J Village centre.

The historic School Building and adjacent grounds is currently the base for the BTCV an organisation committed to Inspiring people - Improving places. Their stated aim is graphically publicised on the Organisation’s vehicles.

Why is it then, that the organisation has little or no pride in its own “home” ? Why is it they do not try a little harder here on their own doorstep? Why is it that from as early as the middle of last year, these grounds have been allowed to deteriorate ?. Yes, even if of late, there has been some effort to improve the situation, why is it that shrub and hedge cuttings/rubbish are left around in heaps.Why is it that the run-down hideous prefabricated “classroom”, which should have been demolished or replaced for some time now, is not given the attention it (together with the straggly shrubs presumably left to hide the eye-sore) and the village deserve.

Is there any pressing reason why this BTCV area cannot be open to the BJ village community to enjoy and pass time of the day, particularly in the nice weather ? It could also improve the frontage area of the School ( presumably part of the old playground area) if several collections of plants/flowers in containers could be included to create more colour and generally improve this bland and stark area.

Our village deserves a more caring attitude yet why should an organisation which openly promotes itself as Inspiring people - Improving places actually be blind to its own environment
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